Africa Development Research and Consulting Group

Our Philosophy and Approach

We conduct research to improve our understanding of human conditions in Africa, and the impact of policy choices on those conditions. We believe that given the complexities of the development process in Africa, policy-making and implementation will have more positive impact when it is based on sound, research-based advice. Our goal is to provide development practitioners and policy-makers the advice, and the tools necessary for data-based planning and decision-making.

ADRC’s research activities are focused on the many issues and challenges facing Africa, including, Poverty; Decentralization, Institutional Reform and Governance; Economic Growth and Development; Sector Reform: Education, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Industry; Environment and Sustainable Development; Debt and Development; Trade and Development; Women in Development; Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development, etc…​

In addition to our internal research work, we seek to assist interested clients at all phases of the research process, be it identification of the problem; hypothesis formulation; data gathering; experimentation; data analysis and interpretation, and/or reporting.

Our Current Research

ADRC staff are currently conducting research on the following topics:

  1. Achieving the MDGs and Economic Development Prospects for African Countries
  2. Effects of Debt Service, Income, and the Foreign Sector on Life Expectancy in Africa: An Econometric Analysis
  3. The Regulatory Framework, Ease of Doing Business, and Economic Growth in African Countries


Featured Past Publications by ADRC Staff​ 


[1] Decentralization and Reform in Africa, Kluwer Academic Press, 2002.

        o   Author:     Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC
o   Book was featured on YouTube as part of a History Book Reviews project.

             Listen at

[2] Women in African Development: The Challenge of Globalization and Liberalization in the 21st Century,  
​      Africa World Press, 2005.

       o   Editors:     Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

                             Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, University of North Florida (UNF)

                             Sitawa Kimuna, East Carolina University (ECU)

[3] NEPAD and the Future of Economic Policy in Africa, Africa World Press, 2008.

       o   Editors:     Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

                             Diery Seck, CREPOL

 [4] Back On Track: Sector-Led Growth in Africa and Implications for Development, Africa World Press, 2009.

       o   Editors:     Diery Seck, CREPOL

                             Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC


  [1] “Trade, Institutions, Income, and Human Development in Africa”, in Journal of African Economies, 22(2), 
pp 323-345, March 2013.

         o   Authors:    Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, University of North Florida (UNF)

                                Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC 

        ​ o   See Press Release at: 

 [2] “Monitoring Resource Flows in Decentralizing African States”, in Social Accountability in Africa:
        Practitioners’ Experience and Lessons (eds: Mario Claasen, Carmen Alpin-Lardiés, and Victoria Ayer),
        IDASA & ANSA-Africa, 2010.

         o   Authors:    Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

                               Mary McNeil, World Bank Institute (WBI)

 [3] “Globalization: Entreupreneurial Challenges and Opportunities in the Developing World”, 

       The Role of SMEs and Entrepreneurship in a Globalised Economy (Ed: Anders Lundström), 

       Expert Report No. 34 To Sweden's Globalization Council, 2009

         o   Authors:  Elizabeth J Gatewood, Wake Forest University (WFU)   
                              Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

 [4] “Institutional Reform and Economic Growth in Africa”, Journal of African Finance and Economic
, Vol 5, No. 2, Autumn  2002.

         o   Author:      Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

 [5] “Pre-commitment Mechanism and Policy Credibility in African Trade Reform", Review of Development
, Vol 5, No. 1, 2001.

        o   Authors:    Sylvain H. Boko, ADRC

                               Harvey Lapan, Iowa State University (ISU)